The Trunk Space’s new home will be Grace Lutheran Church


After nearly five months of searching, The Trunk Space has found a place to call home in the south wing of Grace Lutheran Church, and with help from CareFree Write Productions, the music venue plans to become a nonprofit.

Located on Moreland and Third Streets, just north of Roosevelt Row, Grace Lutheran is no stranger to The Trunk Space. The church has already hosted two pop-up shows for the group within the last month, the first being on September’s First Friday.

“We wanted to keep The Trunk Space downtown,” co-owner Steph Carrico said. “The church is close to the light rail and bars, has a beautiful courtyard and big parking lot.”

Carrico said her goals for the new location include providing resources to local artists to help them succeed, such as studios for rent and canvas donations. In order to do this, The Trunk Space is teaming up with CareFree Write Productions.

Carrico said that CareFree, a nonprofit known for running the Phoenix improv venue The Torch Theatre, will act as The Trunk Space’s “umbrella nonprofit” until the venue can become a nonprofit itself. This news follows the closure of The Trunk Space’s longtime Grand Avenue location in May after pressure from neighborhood groups and a rent increase.

The Trunk Space will be able to collect tax-deductible donations, write grants and fundraise in their new life as a nonprofit. CareFree will be able to vouch for The Trunk Space by saying that they are acting as a nonprofit until they officially become one independently.

The church building is one of the few Gothic-style architecture buildings in downtown and is nearly a century old, according to Grace Lutheran’s website. That’s one of the traits that made the place so alluring to Carrico. She said the building’s historical significance means that “we don’t have to worry about it being bulldozed or sold.”

“We’re delighted to have them sharing our space,” Pastor Sarah Stadler said. “Our missions sort of collide. What Trunk Space does, it’s good on a fundamental level. They are doing something good in the city providing venues for musicians who don’t have the resources to put on a show on their own.”

While The Trunk Space may have found a new residence, they won’t be quitting the pop-up shows anytime soon. According to their website’s calendar, they have six shows scheduled for October, including one at Grace Lutheran.

Carrico plans for this to be a new chapter for the venue. One of the advantages of being in the south wing of Grace Lutheran is its available space and empty rooms. Carrico plans to host workshops in those rooms, saying she wants “to make The Trunk Space more like an art center rather than just a performance area.”

There will be an official grand opening of the new location about six weeks from now. The venue has started a crowdfunding campaign to help with startup costs.

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