Stone Grindz Chocolate becomes sweet local business


Chocolate. It can be found almost anywhere – from convenience stores to the movie theater. Where did that chocolate come from? How it was made? What it was made with? Kasey McCaslin is a local chocolatier who says she believes these questions matter.

It began with a love of food and nutrition. McCaslin teamed up with her good friend Steven Shipler and created Stone Grindz Chocolate four years ago. McCaslin and Shipler began this as a hobby but due to the positive response from buyers, they were able to make their chocolate business into their full time job earlier this year.

“The main incentive was a way to make money, but we also wanted to get more involved in the local food movement,” McCaslin said. “We had an idea to start a small food company and sell at local markets and it kinda blossomed on its own.”

The imported cacao beans come from an Ecuadorian farm that emphasizes sustainable growing. An important part of how they work is that they don’t rush their process. They are deliberate in how much time is spent in roasting, mixing and molding.

“We want to sell our process,” McCaslin said. “We want people to know the flavors they are getting, we specifically made it that way. We made it unique.”


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