Melrose District aka Vintageville

Located on Seventh Avenue between Camelback and Indian School roads, the phoenix-like Melrose District is having yet another moment. With the help of the Seventh Avenue Merchants Association (SAMA), beleaguered business owners have worked together over the past two decades to clean up the ‘hood and “improve the quality of the district and build good relationships with the city,” according to SAMA president Mike Poulton. LET YOUR PRIDE FLAG FLY: Melrose is known for being LGBT-friendly. It’s home to many of Phoenix’s gay bars and clubs, including The Rock, which hosts weekly drag shows. VINTAGE VIBES: No need to look far for retro leather jackets or antique silverware – they abound in Melrose’s various vintage shops. BREAK THE RULES: Within the Melrose boundaries, no new auto shops are permitted and business owners are allowed to keep their old-fashioned signs and storefronts because of a zoning overlay that provides the district with a unique set of rules. Word to the wise: Don’t drop a transmission in Melrose.

Read the rest of the story here.

Originally published in the July 2017 issue of Phoenix Magazine.

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