Tale as Old as Time

Imagine being 36 years old when your future wife is born. Would it keep you from living happily ever after? It wasn’t an easy road, but Bobbie Walters and Jules Rusoff were married for 35 years before Rusoff died in 2006. As told by Walters, Ageless (Jones Media Publishing, $9.99) is the story of a 1970s Playboy bunny who captures the attention of a married, retired entrepreneur with kids. This is a true tell-all – Walters holds nothing back as she shares stories about everything from romantic rendezvous to checking her husband into hospice after his cancer diagnosis. She paints a picture of Rusoff as the ultimate ladies’ man, making it difficult to sympathize when his first wife divorces him and takes his money. It’s a book filled with cheesy one-liners and fairytale adventures, but it’s told by an honest voice that will keep you turning the pages.

Read it here.

Originally published for the September 2017 issue of Phoenix Magazine.

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