“Mother!” Review

*spoilers ahead* "Mother!" was opening a packet of Skittles and finding M&M's instead. It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but it didn't leave me disappointed. In my mind, I was walking into a generic scary movie, but I was surprised with a film composed of flawless acting, creative imagery and Biblical symbolism. The …

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Trump Delivers Immigration Plan in Downtown Phoenix

Following his meeting with President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke about his 10-step immigration plan and touched on the poor veteran medical treatment. A couple thousand people showed up Wednesday night in Phoenix, Ariz. to witness the speech, filling up half of the convention center. Among the supporters included …

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ASU's Blaze Radio hosted their second annual Kick Ass Spring Concert last Thursday, April 14 at Last Exit Live in downtown Phoenix. The lineup included People Who Could Fly, Flight of Ryan and IAMWE. I live tweeted the event. https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720789358828068864 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720790557182660610 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720796051280494593 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720796773829087233 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720801229677273088 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720802820530679812 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720807165779271680 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720815159422234624 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720816369969684480 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720817356298059777 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720818195892842497 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720820697010835456 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720821506687643648 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720829215310909440 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720830730394161152 https://twitter.com/candidlynikole/status/720832413538988032

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