Phoenix Could Not Get Enough of The Too Much Tour


A line of people stretch out in front of Crescent Ballroom on Sunday night. A chalkboard near the entrance read “The Frights, SWMRS, FIDLAR – SOLD OUT.” AltAz 93.3 had a tent pitched outside asking music lovers to sign up for contests and join their mailing list. The block in front of the venue was blocked off to prevent cars from entering. From the various times I have watched shows at Crescent, I can honestly say that I have never seen the room so packed as it was that night.

Since it was the night before Halloween, there were of course those who were in costume, There was a Spinelli from the cartoon show “Recess” and a pair that was dressed as Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. If you’re not familiar with this venue, there is an all ages section which is closest to the stage and a bleachers/sit-down area that has access to a bar. Security had to repeatedly pull back the barricades separating the two because no one wanted to miss out on the circle pits, stage diving and moshing that was to come.

The San Diego punkish doo-woppers known as The Frights were the first to get the show started. You don’t expect a crowd to know the opening act too well, but that wasn’t the case here. These fans were singing along to every word, to every song by every band. SWMRS’s guitarist Max Becker nickname the tour the “ohana tour because we’re all family here.” FIDLAR did have the largest attendance in the pit, but there were still a surprising number of fans bearing shirts supporting the two opening acts.




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